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Have you found yourself wanting to Photoshop the color of your smile in family pictures? Instead, visit El Cerro Dental so we can enhance your smile’s appearance through a teeth whitening procedure. Our dentist offers this cosmetic treatment to lighten yellowed teeth and dissolve stains.

Whitening procedures completed in a dental office have proven to be more effective than store-bought whitening products. This is because we have the quality materials and advanced equipment designed to create a more beautiful smile. In-office whitening treatments can lighten tooth color up to eight shades in just a single hour, and these results can last for several months.

We begin a teeth whitening procedure by creating a custom tray fitted to your unique mouth shape. These trays allow us to cover all of your teeth with whitening agents while protecting your gum tissue from irritation. We will fill the tray with either a hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide gel and have you bite down on it. These bleaches break up stains, making them less concentrated and less visible. We will further improve the effectiveness of this procedure by shining a dental laser over your teeth. This tool helps to activate the whitening agents. If you want to experience the benefits of teeth whitening, then give our dental team a call at 925-837-8564.