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Do you have questions about mouth guards? If so, you’re not alone. Many people don’t know much about the appliance, which can lead to having many questions. So, to help you, our dentist, Dr. Gary Cappelletti, would like to give you the answers to commonly asked questions about mouth guards.

What is a mouth guard?

A mouth guard is a dental appliance that is strong and reliable. It fits tightly over your arch of teeth and protects your smile while you participate in high-contact activities and sports, like karate, football, wrestling, basketball, and soccer. There are many mouth guards available that you can choose from, including custom-made mouth guards, stock mouth guards, and boil-and-bite mouth guards.

What can a mouth guard do for me?
A mouthguard can protect your teeth and gums from harm when you’re active. This is important because while you play high-contact sports or activities, you could experience an extreme blow to the face. For example, when you get tackled while playing football, the helmet, shoulder, or head of another player could hit your mouth with extreme force. If you’re not wearing a mouthguard, you could suffer an oral injury.

Where can I find a mouth guard?

Mouth guards are typically found at your local sporting goods stores. For a custom-made mouth guard, you can talk to your dentist.

Even if you fully don’t understand mouth guards, it’s important to wear one while you are active anyway. That way you can maintain a strong and healthy smile. To learn more about mouth guards in Danville, California, please contact El Cerro Dental at 925-837-8564 at your earliest convenience. A member of our dental team will be thrilled to help you!