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You may have some idea which foods are best for your body health, but have you ever considered which foods are specifically for your dental health? Not surprisingly, these same foods are recommended by nutritionists, and won’t wreck your diet.

Before we get into the good, most beneficial foods, let’s talk about the worst one. The enemy is sugar. Your teeth and gums are under heavy attack every time you put a snack cake in your mouth, every time you drink a soda, and every time you suck on a lollipop. Sugar in your mouth multiplies exponentially the bacteria that feed on it. Bacteria are made into plaque. Plaque turns into gingivitis, and gingivitis progresses and becomes periodontitis, which is a fancy word for gum disease, and after gum disease … tooth loss. Of course, regular cleanings at the dental office along with daily brushing and flossing can keep plaque at bay, but it’s much easier if you will limit your sugar intake all-together. With the exception of Halloween, it’s just not good to eat candy more than once in a while anyway.

The beneficial foods for your teeth are the same ones that make your bones strong and healthy–those that are protein-rich and full of the minerals calcium and phosphorus. This may not be happy news to vegetarians as those elements are found in products that come from animals like; milk, cheese, eggs, yogurt, meat, poultry, and fish. There is nothing wrong with eating lots of whole fruits and vegetables, but note the word “whole” in front of “fruits and vegetables”. It means that if you aren’t eating the fiber and correct amounts of water found in natural, unprocessed produce, the sugar content will be unbalanced and unnaturally high–like in concentrated fruit drinks. These should be treated like candy and severely limited.

Of course, the most essential, “dentist-approved” food item is … Water! Drink as much as you want! You can even get it with added fluoride.

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