Are you a chronic snorer? Do you feel very sleepy during the day, even if you got plenty of sleep the night before? Do you have difficulty staying asleep? If you answered, “yes,” to one or more of these questions, you may suffer from a sleep disorder called sleep apnea. In obstructive sleep apnea, obstructions in the airway cause interruptions in your breathing while you sleep. In most cases, the airway obstructions are the result of your tongue rolling back in your throat or collapsing airway tissues. Common symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea include:

  • Excessive daytime drowsiness
  • Loud, chronic snoring
  • Irritability and personality changes
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Waking up with a very dry or sore throat
  • Choking or gasping sounds or feelings during sleep
  • Difficulty staying asleep

If you notice these symptoms, or if you notice these signs in your partner, we encourage you to visit El Cerro Dental. Our dentist is skilled in treating sleep apnea in Danville, California, through the use of an oral appliance. The oral appliance is custom created to fit in your mouth and prevent airway obstructions while you sleep. This allows you to breathe continuously and get a better night’s rest. We invite you to contact our office today to learn more about sleep apnea treatment and to set up your consultation with Dr. Gary Cappelletti. We look forward to caring for you!