What Benefits Can Oral Health Treatments Provide During Pregnancy Provide?

Did you know that you should continue to care for your teeth and gums while you are pregnant to avoid any unnecessary health risks that come with poor oral hygiene? What benefits can oral health treatments during pregnancy provide? Here are a few facts about your dental health while pregnant: – Pregnancy can increase your… Read more »

Tips on Packing a Smile-Healthy Lunch for Your Child

Your child deserves to grow into a strong and healthy smile. Do you agree? If so, Dr. and our dental team have some helpful tips that can make that possible. Along with helping your child keep up on oral hygiene and visit their dentist regularly, try to help them have a balanced and healthy diet…. Read more »

A Removable Partial Can Replace the Presence of Teeth Lost to a Sports Injury

Contact sports and rigorous athletic activities put you at increased risk for injury. Most require protective equipment and mouth guards. Some athletes dislike mouth guards because they can feel bulky or even impede the ease of breathing. In a situation like this, a hard blow to the face could potentially knock multiple teeth out of… Read more »

Caring for Your New Dental Restoration

A dental crown has been placed on a tooth by Dr. to protect it and restore it to its former shape, size, and strength. But now what? How do you care for your dental crown, and thus maintain your oral health? After having a dental crown placed, as at any other time, it is important… Read more »

Make Your Dental Fears Vanish with Nitrous Oxide Sedation

If you or a family member are nervous about going to the dentist, we at in , , understand your concerns. That’s why we offer nitrous oxide for our patients to help them feel comfortable during their dental appointments. What is nitrous oxide? Commonly referred to as laughing gas, nitrous oxide is a safe, light,… Read more »

Prescription Fluoride Supplements Can Help Maintain Healthy Teeth

Your tooth enamel is composed of a dense matrix of microscopic mineral crystals. If you consume a lot of acidic foods and beverages, it can gradually erode the mineral density of your teeth. As time goes on, this will significantly increase your chances of developing tooth sensitivity and tooth decay. In many of these cases,… Read more »

Cap off the New Year With a Dental Crown

If you are looking to ring in your new year in style, a smile makeover may be just what you need. Our professional team of dentist at will work with you to determine which teeth could benefit from custom restorations made possible with dental crowns. Dental crowns are designed to fit precisely over any damaged… Read more »

One Great Way to Restore Your Smile is with Full and Partial Dentures

Having teeth missing from your mouth can really mess with your quality of life, making it harder to eat, speak, and even changing your face shape. Not to mention that missing teeth can make you feel embarrassed about showing your smile. Getting dentures, whether full or partial, can restore your smile. Partial dentures need a… Read more »

You Should Never Procrastinate Seeking Treatment for a Toothache

A toothache can be caused by several sources. Many of them carry serious complications. Regardless of the source, your dentist, Dr. , always recommends seeking immediate treatment to minimize further pain and complications. If you suspect your toothache is directly related to a recent trauma, such as a blow to the face, it could be… Read more »

The Art of the Dental Implant

Did you know dental implants can be custom-crafted based on a myriad of factors, including size, shape, color, and fit? If you desire a tooth replacement that mirrors the look of your natural teeth, then dental implants are a good option to think about. Consider this: – Your dental implants won’t move or shift as… Read more »